Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gladstone Helicopters (pt.1)

Gladstone Helicopters incorporating sister company, Mackay Helicopters, are members of the Aviator Group which itself and associated companies operate a mixed fleet of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters from its bases in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Aviator Group operations include Search and Rescue (SAR), Marine Pilot Transfer, Tourism, Executive Charter, Utility, Contract Services, Electronic News Gathering as well as Film and Photographic work.

The Gladstone Helicopters operation at Gladstone Airport has been providing high quality service to the region since July 2011 and operates from a modern hangar on Callemondah Drive.

Upon entering the building, you are greeted by polite and helpful staff as well as an inviting passenger check-in and waiting area while not forgetting to mention there is also a glass petition allowing easy viewing to the inside of the adjacent hangar.

There are currently three helicopters operating for Gladstone Helicopters consisting of two Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger's with other individual helicopters rotating between the Gladstone and Mackay bases depending on operational requirements and Eurocopter EC135 VH-ZGZ.

Utilising Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger helicopters, Gladstone Helicopters predominately specialise in general charter work and scenic flights around (but not necessarily limited to) the Gladstone region while Eurocopter Deutscland GMBH EC135 VH-ZGZ is primarily used for Marine Pilot Transfers to off-shore ships bound for Gladstone Harbour as part of a Maritime Safety Queensland contract on behalf of the Queensland Government.

Gladstone Helicopters also provide anchorage transfer services to those vessels awaiting berthing at the port with spare parts, provisions and crew transfers all handled. Additionally, if called upon - Gladstone Helicopters has the capacity to assist with Search & Rescue requirements however this is predominately satisfied by the local Careflight operation.

For more information about a selection of local scenic / joy flights, general charter work or transfers from Gladstone Airport to a requested location, Gladstone Helicopters can be contacted by telephone on (07) 4978 2403  /  1300 761 904, or by email :

The Bell 206L-3 Long Rangers are single engine machines powered by an Alison 250-C30P turboshaft allowing the helicopter to cruise at approximately 100 knots covering the 90 km journey between Gladstone and Heron Island within 30 minutes.

VH-CKU is configured to comfortably accomodate five passengers although six is possible if permitted to be seated up front with the pilot.
Eurocopter Deutscland GMBH EC135 P2 VH-ZGZ is the primary machine for the Martime Safety Queensland contract to satisfy the transfer of local Marine Pilots to off-shore vessels for the safe navigation of shipping into Gladstone Harbour.

During periods when VH-ZGZ may become unserviceable because of scheduled maintenance or unforeseen circumstances, Eurocopter Deutscland GMBH EC135 T1 VH-ZGI can often be sourced from sister company, Mackay Helicopters, as an interim replacement.